About handling of personal information

The purpose of the acquisition of personal information

  1. [ 1 ] Our company shall use the information received from inquiries only in purpose of responding to inquiries, and shall not use other than for intended purpose.
  2. [ 2 ]Personal information on those who enter entry for recruitment to our company and those who wish to provide information on recruitment of our company shall be used for the selection process of the applicant himself / herself.

Provisions of personal information to a third party

Our company shall not provide the information received from inquiries to a third party without acquiring the consent of the person who inquired.
And we respect the right of the person regarding to the personal information, if the person request for the reference, correction, or deleting the information he/she offered, we will respond within a reasonable extent and terms.

Entrusting of personal information

Our company shall not entrust the personal information offered in inquiries to a third party.
However, in cases of information regarding recruitment, we may entrust the personal information to vendors with which we made a nondisclosure contract, in purpose of labor management after joining our company.
In those cases, we select a vendor which can comply with our personal information protection policy, and manage and supervise the handling of the personal information.

Voluntariness of the person's provision of personal information and consequences when person did not provide the personal information

Since we acquire personal information on a voluntary basis,
if information necessary to accomplish the achievement of the purpose of its use, we may not take appropriate action.

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